Introducing DeFi Omega

defi omega

DFIO Token

Mission, Vision, & Values






Token Details

  • 500 tokens required for membership
  • 10000 tokens required for board membership
  • 10 initial board members in total
  • 2 spots are reserved for founders sans token requirement
  • 8 seats available upon launch
  • 2 additional board members can be added per year, based on a democratic vote by DeFi Omega members

DeFi Omega Private Telegram

DeFi Omega Investments

  1. Each Member can submit one project for consideration to 1 of the 10 board members. Each initial 100 members will be assigned to 1 board member by random selection (or by Geography) using a smart contract.
  2. Each 100 member / board member pair will then vote on the top 5 DeFi projects within each faction.
  3. Upon successful selection by vote, the top 10 projects will be presented, whereby questions and answers and discussion will take place prior to the vote.
  4. Finally, all ten projects will be voted on and the successful candidate will receive the investment.

Member Powers

We are more than just an elite club.

How to get the DFIO Token



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