Introducing DeFi Omega

defi omega

DeFi Omega is an elite network of individuals in decentralized finance, with

common goals, values, and objectives. DeFi Omega is a global network, a

DeFi thinktank, and a group policymakers with the goal of shaping future

policy in decentralized finance.

DFIO Token

DFIO (pronounced Dee-Fi-O) is the token for global membership to the most elite DeFi community in existence.

DeFi is not simply just about yield farming, or “gambling” as some have stated, it is so much more than that: it empowers the future generations to be in control of their own money, to accrue interest that is fair, to decide who to borrow from and lend to, and many other notions of financial sovereignty.

Most importantly, DeFi allows us to have applications that are free from censorship.

Our aim is to demonstrate to the world that DeFi is a formidable innovation; it is the future, and it deserves to be taken seriously. We will champion this notion.

DeFi is without a doubt the future of finance, and with the help of those like us, finance will inevitably become decentralized. More and more so, as parity between the privileged, and the average citizen becomes closer. We will be the bastions of the financial freedom that we all so deserve.

Mission, Vision, & Values


Our Mission is to create and connect the most elite group of individuals in decentralized finance.


Our Vision is to strengthen the entire realm of decentralized finance to the best of our ability, using all in our power to do so.


Our Values are sovereignty, loyalty, and prosperity. We value financial sovereignty as a core tenet for all citizens of this world. We value loyalty from all the members of our brotherhood above all else. We value prosperity in finance, health, and family.


The DFIO token, like most DeFi projects, is a social experiment, and does not have any inherent value. The value is derived by the supply and demand from the market and community.


Membership is granted in the form of DFIO Tokens, which are delineated below.

Token Details

  • 500 tokens required for membership
  • 10000 tokens required for board membership
  • 10 initial board members in total
  • 2 spots are reserved for founders sans token requirement
  • 8 seats available upon launch
  • 2 additional board members can be added per year, based on a democratic vote by DeFi Omega members

DeFi Omega will not engage in nepotism nor favoritism regarding Board Membership, and is based on a first come first serve basis upon official token launch on UniSwap. Everyone has an equal chance.

1000 initial member cap limit for first 30 days; each 30 days thereafter, 100 new members can be admitted (if members so choose, there is a possibility of voting to increase cap limit after 1st year)

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000 DFIO tokens

Ticker Symbol: DFIO

DeFi Omega Private Telegram


1. Go to the pool {} and buy at least 500 DFIO with your metamask wallet

2. Follow the invite link and follow its instructions to enter private club


DeFi Omega Investments

Each Quarter DeFi Omega will choose a new DeFi Project to invest in, which will be voted upon. 10,000 tokens will be allocated per quarter for said investments. Each DeFi Omega member has one vote, and all votes are equal. The process of selecting the new project per quarter is as follows:

  1. Each Member can submit one project for consideration to 1 of the 10 board members. Each initial 100 members will be assigned to 1 board member by random selection (or by Geography) using a smart contract.
  2. Each 100 member / board member pair will then vote on the top 5 DeFi projects within each faction.
  3. Upon successful selection by vote, the top 10 projects will be presented, whereby questions and answers and discussion will take place prior to the vote.
  4. Finally, all ten projects will be voted on and the successful candidate will receive the investment.

DeFi Omega, as an organization, will retain 20% of the projects or company it has invested in, in the form of their native token, which will be airdropped proportionally to all members upon launch of said project.

Member Powers

Membership Powers shall be equal to all others. One member per vote, regardless of board membership.

The board shall elect a Chairman, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a committee based upon a formal voting procedure that will be enacted within the first month. Both board members and members themselves are eligible.

We are more than just an elite club.

We are a family. The connections you make here are for life. We are a global fraternity of men and women who can shape policy for the future of DeFi.

Welcome to DeFi Omega.

How to get the DFIO Token

UniSwap Direct Link:


DFIO Token Contract:



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