DeFi Omega
3 min readMar 22, 2021


DeFi Omega began last August, with a vision of a community built around pioneering, supporting, and participating in the development of the defi space.

The community includes founders and developers of some of the most important defi protocols in the space, in addition to CEOs, entrepreneurs, large fund managers, ex-Wall Street bankers, New York Times bestselling authors, leading Youtubers, Twitter influencers, and a plethora of professional traders, researchers, and analysts.

Over the past several months since our inception, we have been building one of the most important communities in the space. Because in the long run, you invest in people.

While many other entities focused on flashy marketing, we have slowly and meticulously crafted one of the most powerful organizations in DeFi.

Now that our community is stronger than ever, it is time. DeFi Omega is announcing our official incubator and accelerator: Stronghold.

Stronghold is an arm of DeFi Omega that provides advisory, funding, and guidance from the resources of the entire collective, not just from a handful of people.

DeFi Omega is superior to crypto VCs in many ways, because it is comprised of such a diverse group of specialists in their respective fields.

Our members have highly specialized skills and our market penetration is exceptional. The breadth and depth of our reach is virtually unparalleled.

Most recently, due to the support and influence of the group, a new token that was unheard of rocketed to the #1 trending spot on Dextools, and most importantly sustained 10x growth. We have continued to support this token, because we believe in the project.

Our Criteria

While others are simply concerned with making profits, DeFi Omega carefully chooses which projects we decide to work with. To us, it is much more than that.

It is about making a meaningful connection and building long-lasting relationships with the top projects we work with.

Furthermore, DeFi Omega is seeking projects that provide the sector with something truly valuable and that drive the space forward on our joint quest to bring financial sovereignty and independence to all citizens of this world.

Last, we very much believe in treating others how you would like to be treated. We are all equal; no matter what our background is.

Throughout our existence, many look to DeFi Omega as a beacon of honor and prestige. We aim to bring a sense of nobility to DeFi, and to spread our message of benevolence throughout the space.

The projects we select will echo our sentiments.

We research, analyze, and ultimately vote on the projects we decide to work with based on the following criteria:

Team and Product






It is of the utmost importance to us that each project we choose to work with firmly aligns with the values of DeFi Omega.

Our Values are sovereignty, loyalty, and prosperity. We value financial sovereignty as a core tenet for all citizens of this world. We value loyalty from all the members of our collective above all else. We value prosperity in finance, health, and family.

DeFi Omega will officially begin accepting applicants to Stronghold on the morning of March 22, 2021.

The DeFi Omega Stronghold application form can be found here.

We will are here to build, we are to last, we are here to prevail. We are DeFi Omega.

Strength and Honor!