DeFi Omega (DFIO): The quest for financial independence for all intensifies

DeFi Omega
7 min readNov 28, 2020



DeFi Omega currently has one of the most important amalgamations of individuals in the crypto space. From prominent crypto persons who are notable in the public sphere, to popular crypto and defi influencers, to CEOs of highly revered crypto projects, to crypto fund managers, to owners of some of the most well-known crypto websites in existence.

Additionally, we are proud to say we truly have members all over the globe, with over 22 spoken languages and growing. In fact, this makes DeFi Omega even more unique, with members able to report in real-time the latest info from their local community.

In addition to all of the above, DeFi Omega possesses :

  • Top Crypto Researchers
  • Accredited Investors
  • Uniswap Gem Hunters
  • Strategic Investors
  • Talented Developers

Our greatest pride is to have succeeded in uniting a community and bringing together highly talented individuals, linked by an ideal of success and a common philosophy.‌

Some‌ ‌of‌ them ‌are‌ ‌well‌ ‌known‌ ‌public‌ ‌figures‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌crypto‌ ‌space.‌ ‌We‌ ‌decided to focus ‌on‌ ‌quality‌ over quantity and ‌to look for concrete information‌ in order to ‌produce detailed researches to our members.‌

Our brotherhood indeed wishing first and foremost to provide real added value to its members and not to become another group lost in the meanders of your telegram. We are particularly proud to have been able to highlight projects such as CORE which revolutionized an entire section of the DEFI space. As a reminder, Listed at $135 usd, CORE went to $9,723 usd at its height.

Additionally, our fraternity had the exclusive pleasure of organizing an AMA with SFI lead dev, Psykeeper, before the first Epoch, and before it was launched on uniswap. Therefore many brothers staked DAI to earn SFI. SFI which listed around $25 usd and hit $1,000 ‌usd‌ ‌a‌ ‌few‌ ‌days‌ ‌later.

These are just some examples among others, that our community has excellent diggers within it, the commonplace “moonboy attitude” that is all too prevalent in defi, is not present when we decide to invest in a project; it is rather instead when we believe in what a project is doing and when we analyze the chances of a successful ROI are high.

Obviously, our role is not only to provide a place of discussion safe away from the moonboy/degen attitude that many groups hail, but also to provide real opportunities within the space, in particular some special allocations reserved for members, as this was the case for UNN.

It is an understatement to say that we have great ambitions for the future and in this sense, we have also decided to review our system in order to take advantage of the privileges offered by the DFIO brotherhood.

Since our inception, we have aimed to stay under the radar, and now we feel we are ready to begin our next phase. The announcements are as follows:


We are also excited to announce that several partnerships are coming to DeFi Omega, as new companies, projects, and individuals are reaching out to us more every day. Most of these are through word of mouth or for those who have “discovered” us. Since then, many have regarded DeFi Omega as a “well-kept secret”.

Social Media

We are aware that our presence on social networks must drastically evolve and because we are now ready for our next phase of growth, a new robust campaign will be illuminated. A new campaign should thus allow us to make a selection of the best current influencers of the crypto industry. Our goal is to forge long-term partnerships with those who truly want to build with us, to fight for innovation, and to support projects with solid fundamentals and not just shill their bags. This is to promote the values ​​of the brotherhood in an even more efficient way.

An announcement channel will also be created to allow our members to not miss the important dates, news, partnerships, AMA of the brotherhood.

DFIO ‌NFT Shields‌ ‌

We will very soon deploy a new innovative system as well as a new theme for the development of our community and its functionalities. To this end, each active member will receive a shield, representing his power within our house.

Each shield will take the form of a non-fungible token whose total number of units will be limited in time. To date only 300 shields will be available worldwide.

The fight for financial independence has only just begun. Clans, swords, houses, and crests will soon be familiar concepts to you that will make DFIO even more unique than it already is.

This brand new universe will be revealed to you and explained in detail in a future article.

Weekly ‌AMA‌s

We don’t just want to be spectators in the crypto universe, but to be able to make a concrete contribution and demonstrate that there is strength in unity. With this in mind, we will also hold AMAs specially reserved for our members in order to go even further in supporting the projects that we will label DFIO approved.

DeFi Omega Membership

The amount of DFIO required to enter the DeFi Omega brotherhood is now 500 DFIO, whereby an additional 50 DFIO will be added to the aforementioned amount after each successive month as a requirement for entry for new members.

DeFi Omega will only be accepting 150 new members before the end of the year for a total of 300 members. Each month thereafter, we will initiate 33 of the members who are accepted into the brotherhood.

DeFi Omega Allocations

Allocations from here forward will be updated to a new model.

Minimum Allocation Amount: 1000 DFIO (Squire)

Medium Allocation Amount: 2000 DFIO (Knight)

Maximum Allocation Amount: 3000 DFIO (Paladin)

Board Members:

There will be a total of 7 board member seats that will be available until June 1st, 2021. Only DeFi Omega members will be considered. One must apply to be a board member in our google form which will be presented in the DeFi Omega private telegram chat.

After a successful review, DeFi Omega members will vote on each candidate. Board member seat position requires a strategic investment of 10,000 DFIO if successfully accepted by the members. Board members will have significant influence on deciding the future of DeFi Omega and what it will become.

DeFi Omega Chapters

As a reminder, DeFi Omega is a networking fraternity whose goal is to participate and shape policy within the DeFi space.

In order to make our network more efficient, we are going to introduce a system within the DeFI Omega brotherhood whose elected officials will aim to develop the network at their local level.

Thus the DeFi Omega chapters are hubs which operate under the umbrella of DeFi Omega but are semi-autonomous, in the sense that they can create their own statutes that govern each respective branch.

What do DeFi Omega chapters do?

DeFi Omega Chapters serve as a central organizing point in every city in the world. Each chapter focuses on the following elements. Education: The main objective of the chapters is to be a resource for educating and serving the wider community by educating those who can benefit from decentralized finances and sovereignty over their own finances.


The DeFi Omega fraternity is strong. We pool and use our collective strengths, intellect, relationships, resources and wisdom to strengthen the bond between us and advance DeFi Omega and its goals.


DeFi Omega aims to make strategic investments in disruptive technologies through the decentralized financial space.


Within the local communities of each major city, the DeFi Omega section will lobby local and regional representatives with the aim of opening their minds to decentralized finance and opening up the world of finance to everyone.

The chapter heads and his Council will organize events and fundraisers to achieve the aforementioned goal and become well known within the community.

How can I apply to become a Chapter Head?

First, one must be a member of DeFi Omega. Currently, it is 500 DFIO to enter the exclusive club. From there, if you match the pedigree, DeFi Omega members will vote for each chapter leader. A symbolic amount of DFIO will be required to be a chapter head and will go towards furthering the development of our organization.

DeFi Omega First Project Launch

Last but not least, one of the most exciting developments.

DeFi Omega’s very first project which we will incubate and launch ourselves is currently slated for Q1 of 2021. More information regarding our first project will be coming out in the following weeks.

How to become a DeFi Omega Member

For those of you who wish to join us while there is still time, all you need to do is get 500 DFIO here:

Then once the tokens are in your Metamask wallet, go here to enter the private Telegram community:

defi omega

Looking into the Future

DeFi Omega wants to thank all of our brothers and sisters for an incredible community, and we are beyond ecstatic to see how we will grow over the years.

Our Values are sovereignty, loyalty, and prosperity. We value financial sovereignty as a core tenet for all citizens of this world. We value loyalty from all the members of our brotherhood above all else. We value prosperity in finance, health, and family

We are here to build, we are to last, we are here to prevail. We are DeFi Omega.

Strength and Honor!