DeFi Omega began last August, with a vision of a community built around pioneering, supporting, and participating in the development of the defi space.

The community includes founders and developers of some of the most important defi protocols in the space, in addition to CEOs, entrepreneurs, large fund managers, ex-Wall Street bankers, New York Times bestselling authors, leading Youtubers, Twitter influencers, and a plethora of professional traders, researchers, and analysts.


DeFi Omega currently has one of the most important amalgamations of individuals in the crypto space. From prominent crypto persons who are notable in the public sphere, to popular crypto and defi influencers, to CEOs of highly revered crypto projects, to crypto fund managers, to owners of some of the most well-known crypto websites in existence.

Additionally, we are proud to say we truly have members all over the globe, with over 22 spoken languages and growing. In fact, this makes DeFi Omega even more unique, with members able to report in real-time the latest info from their local community.

defi omega

DeFi Omega is an elite network of individuals in decentralized finance, with

common goals, values, and objectives. DeFi Omega is a global network, a

DeFi thinktank, and a group policymakers with the goal of shaping future

policy in decentralized finance.

DFIO Token

DFIO (pronounced Dee-Fi-O) is the token for global membership to the most elite DeFi community in existence.

DeFi is not simply just about yield farming, or “gambling” as some have stated, it is so much more than that: it empowers the future generations to be in control of their own money, to accrue interest that is fair, to decide who…

DeFi Omega

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